Implantable Materials

Resorbable materials for breast biopsy markers, implantable balloons, breast implants, and intra-arterial embolizing agents are among the many products and materials worked with over the years at Design Development & Fabrication.

We have extensive experience with polylactic acid,  polyglycolic acid, polysaccharides, silicones and polyurethanes for implantable molding projects.

We also have fabrication experience with Titanium and its alloys used in implants.

 Seno Rx Balloon-detail

Balloon Detail





 Seno Rx GelMark Pellets

GelMark Pellets



StarchMark 2



Starchmark 3


UltraCor MRI2

UltraCore MRI 2


Covidien Onyx LES

Covidien Onxy LES