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Design Development & Fabrication has designed products for various industries ranging from medical devices, though firearms accessories to health and fitness. Our extensive experience includes all forms of medical imaging and designing products to be optimally imaged with each imaging mode. We were the primary designer for all of the SenoRx Inc. breast biopsy markers.  Our efforts started by working with physicians to identify the key features, developing materials and prototypes to test and verify the performance in laboratory testing and then brining the products through production processes to market release. For other medical device companies, our product experience has ranged from surgical devices, urology catheters, cardiovascular and neuro-vascular catheters. For the firearm industry we have design grips, stocks and other accessories. For the consumer, and health and fitness industries we have designed electronics packaging, massage tables focusing on molded part design and construction. (Photo above: UltraCor MRI)   VisiLoc   Axial Breast MRI with VisiLoc   Sagittal Breast MRI with VisiLoc   EnCor Console   GelMark Ultra     StarchMark   SenoMark   Acucise Endopyelotomy...

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Implantable Materials

Resorbable materials for breast biopsy markers, implantable balloons, breast implants, and intra-arterial embolizing agents are among the many products and materials worked with over the years at Design Development & Fabrication. We have extensive experience with polylactic acid,  polyglycolic acid, polysaccharides, silicones and polyurethanes for implantable molding projects. We also have fabrication experience with Titanium and its alloys used in implants. Balloon Detail   SenoMark   GelMark Pellets   StarchMark 2   Starchmark 3   UltraCore MRI 2   Covidien Onxy LES...

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Machined Components

  Machined components is a service for numerous customers in quantities ranging from dozens to hundreds.  Typical materials for production include: plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. We utilize Haas CNC mills and lathes, as well as BobCAD and CamWorks for programming.                          ...

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Production Equipment

Production equipment design is one of our services at Design Development & Fabrication.  We have designed, constructed and implemented onto manufacturing floors, production equipment for catheter fabrication, pellet pressing, plastic forming, catheter punching, catheter tip forming among our various projects.           Catheter Flusher   Pellet Press  ...

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Fabricating molds for clients is one of Design Development & Fabrication’s services.  With multiple capabilities, parts and molds can be customized to meet your specific needs. Using both ends of the mold, we were able to double capacity when fabricating these caps.   In this intricate mold a screw was made with internal threads at the top and bottom of the component.   Specialized hand fabrication allows us the intricacy required for this tiny bi-valve mold.   When fully engaged, the part fits perfectly allowing precise injection molding for ideal fabrications.    ...

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Our Machines

  Our machine inventory includes Haas Minimill, ToolRoom Mill with 4th Axis and Haas CNC lathes. We also have knee mills and toolroom lathes for prototype work, and desktop CNC mills for small part second operation machining.                                        ...

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